Magic Number Fun Facts…11

MANNYMOTA A quiet face of the franchise over the years, Manny Mota has been an integral part of the Los Angeles Dodgers organization as a player from 1969-1982, as a player/coach in 1980-82, and as a full time coach until 2013 though he would remain with the organization.  In 1979, Manny Mota would become the all-time leader in pinch hits, a record he would hold with 150 until recently broken by Mark Sweeney and Lenny Harris.  Mota was also an NL all-star selection in 1973 .

I Need to Concentrate ….

Perhaps you all remember this scene from Airplane, where Manny Mota is referenced…

Better Late Then Never ?

Earlier today, Time Warner Cable announced a deal that will have local independent TV station KDOC to simulcast the remaining 6 games throughout the southland , enabling all fans to catch our Boys in Blue on the tube, regardless of their cable situation.  Is this enough to make the fans forgive and forget ?  I highly doubt it.  Hey, how about extending the good-will into next season and working out a deal with the local indie to televise at least 50 games so fans not so fortunate, you know, the 70%, can watch their favorite Boys in Blue in action ?  

Watered Down Game Plan ?

During Saturday’s 17-0 beatdown of the hated ones, in the home half of the 1st, as Buster Posey singled to right and a bubble blowing Matt Kemp would gun down Angel Pagan by a good 25 feet, our favorite narrator Vin Scully made this astute observation of the Giants grounds crew over the years, going all the way back to 1962 at Candlestick Park in an attempt to slow down Maury Wills , perhaps trying the same tactic to slow down Dee Gordon.  As you will see on the replay , they may have slowed their own game plan down…. 

No Time to Let Down

After dropping the first of 3 to the hated ones, the Dodgers more than came back strong, putting a good old fashion whooping on the hated ones on a record setting Saturday evening , 17-0, all but taking away any momentum the Giants may have felt they had , then coming back on Sunday behind a 9 strikeout performance by Clayton Kershaw en route to his 19th win.  Matt Kemp, who also had a huge weekend, would supply the big blow with a run run shot to give Kershaw an insurmountable 4-1 lead, leaving AT&T Park with a 3 game lead in the NL West with 13 to play.  

I felt prior to the series that even with the rotation aligned to Mattingly’s favor, it would be hard to replicate the 3 game sweep the Dodgers pulled against the hated ones back in July because the Giants we’re a different team this time around, having won 7 in a row at their home yard and their bats coming around.  I felt if the Dodgers could take 2 of 3 up north, they would put themselves in prime position to take the NL West.  With 13 games left, 10 against the Cubs and Rockies, on paper, the Dodgers should have this division wrapped up.  But as we all know, the baseball gods do have a way of playing evil tricks this time of year, for the Dodgers will be playing teams with nothing to lose at this point.  Having said that,  this is no time for the Dodgers to take their foot off the pedal , and they are very well aware of that going into this important 3 game series at Colorado.  They finished their first task up north, they’re now in the drivers seat to take the NL West for the 2nd year in a row.  All that’s left now is the finish line to October.  

More Pre-October Awards For Kid K

KERSHAW_POW Need we say more ?

Magic Number Fun Facts….13


Hopefully the sight of Hanley Ramirez hands raised up toward the Dodger Blue skies will be a familiar one come late October.  In last nights 17-0 drubbing of the Giants at AT&T Park, Hanley would drive in 2 on 4 hits.  Hopefully this is the start of big things for Hanley as we head down toward the seasons final two weeks.

Other Dodgers to Wear 13

Ralph Branca
Alex Cora

Outguessing Ouselves Our We ?

During the home half of the first inning last night, with one out Buster Posey would single to right and Angel Pagan, who had been at second base was waved home only to be thrown out by Matt Kemp by a good 25 feet.  As always, our favorite narrator of the game, Vin Scully, would point out that over the years the Giants have been known to water down their infield more so than any other team.  Old school Dodger fans may recall when the Giants tried that in 1962 to slow down Maury Wills and that they may have tried that to slow Dee Gordon down.  After Pagan had been thrown out by a bubble blowing Matt Kemp, Scully made notice of Pagan possibly not getting enough traction as he rounded the bases.  To the halloween colored ones… Outguessing yourself a bit ?

Extra Innings


OK, Kid.  After last nights 17-0 win, you can throw a FOAM PARTY today.  Just be nice and let let the other kids play too …

Battle For The West

RIVALRY What more needs to be said ? 

wpid-screenshot_2014-09-12-12-57-07.png 2 games is all that separates the 2 longtime rivals, who will meet 6 times during the Dodgers remaining 16 games.  If the good lords of baseball have their way, we will see more from these 2 come October.  The Giants hold a slight edge over the Dodgers 7 games to 6 heading into this weekends series, however, in games that Ryu, Greinke, and Kershaw have pitched, the Dodgers hold a commanding 6-2 edge over the hated ones, including their more recent 3 game sweep at AT&T park in late July , when Mattingly set up the rotation as he has for this weekend with the big 3.  The Giants are a different team this time around than they we’re in late July, a fact not lost among the Bay Area locals .  Here’s a recap of how the two have fared against each other leading up to this weekends Battle By The Bay…

April , Giants Take Two of Three in Both Series

In the series opener at Dodger Stadium, the Giants we’re clearly the dominant team in taking  2 of 3 here in L.A. before Zack Greinke and company would take the 3rd game.  In the previous 2 games, the Giants had outscored the Dodgers 15-6.  In the 2nd meeting between these 2 up north, pitching would dominate the series as each game was decided by 1 run, with neither team scoring more than 3 in any of the 3 games .

May, Giants Continue Their Roll at Dodger Stadium 

In taking 3 of 4 from the Dodgers , the Giants would send notice that if the Dodgers are going to win the NL West, it would not be a runaway.  It should be noted, however, that 2 of the 3 wins came in extra innings .  wpid-img_2148761485211.jpeg Just in case anyone thought the rivalry was dead …

July, A Blue Fog Sweeps Through The Bay

With Don Mattingly setting up his rotation of Greinke, Kershaw and Ryu much like he has for this weekend, only this time around it will be Ryu, Greinke and Kershaw, the Dodgers would be the ones doing the heavy lifting, sweeping the 3 game series at AT&T Park by a combined score of 17-4 .  The Dodgers would leave AT&T Park with a 1.5 game lead, a lead that was as big as 5.5 games.  However, as we all know, baseball is a marathon, and at any point in the season, any team can go into a slump.  Right now, both teams carry a bit of momentum into this huge 3 game series.

Down Memory Lane With Dre…


Trailing the Atlanta Braves by one game going into the final game of the season, the Dodgers would not only have to beat the Giants at Candlestick Park, but would need for the Braves to lose their season finale to the Padres down south.  Well, one of the two would happen.  Unfortunately, Joe Morgan would foil any plans for a Dodger repeat of their 1981 glory, as he would belt a Terry Forster 1-2 fastball over the right field fence, setting off a frenzy at Candlestick as the Dodgers would lose to the hated ones 5-3, finishing one game behind the Braves for the NL West title. 

Morgan_Clark Joe Morgan being greeted by Jack Clark after derailing any hopes of a Dodger repeat as a dejected Terry Forster stares out toward right field.  3 years after this moment, it would be Jack Clarks turn to break this writers heart. 

MARLZ_JOSE To my fellow Boys of Summer, Kid Marly Marlz ( Yup, he’s baaaaack again as usual folks…) and Jose.  Yeah, I see how it goes since you two either we’re not around or still in the crib as Viejo Dre here was going through 2 of his more traumatic moment’s in his childhood day’s as a Dodger fan ( Pleas excuse Dre’s do-rag folks…)  The dude behind us probably I’m sure has experienced more heartbreak…


Once again, heading into the final weekend at Candlestick, with the Dodgers tied for first in the NL West with the Braves, this time it would be Will Clark who would get in the way of the Dodgers playing October baseball as the Dodgers would once again finish one game behind the Braves for the NL West crown .  Of course Will Clark would take great joy in this .


In the final division race before the wild-card, the Giants, having already won 103 games, would need to beat the Dodgers at Dodger Stadium to set up a one game playoff with the Braves at Candlestick Park for the NL West crown.  This time, it would be The Boys in Blue who would knock the hated one’s out of October baseball as Mike Piazza would crush 2 home runs en route to his 1993 ROY Award , sending the hated one’s packing after a 11-1 shellacking.

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Mike Piazza being greeted at home plate by  Tim Wallach after smashing his 2nd home run of the final game of 1993, in which the Dodgers would knock the 103 win Giants out of the playoffs 

Oh yeah,  Dre here would enjoy every moment of this .  Another memory from that final game of 1993, among other memorable Dodgers/Giants moments , is of Nancy Bea serenating the hated ones during the 6th inning, with Georgia on My Mind ( In reference to the Braves ), Do You Know the Way to San Jose in the 8th, and finally , after the game, I Left My Heart, In San Francisco .

nancybea  Me with Nancy Bea .  Tothis day you sure know how to pick a tune…

So what memories lie ahead of us as these two longtime rivals go at it in The Wild Wild West.  It’s time to paint the bay…BLUE !!!!

bayblue LETS GO DODGERS !!!





Magic Number Fun Facts… 15, Never Forget…


Shawn Green would don the Dodger Blue from 2000 to 2004. In 2001 Shawn Green would set a franchise record by slugging 49 home runs in a single season. In 2002 he would set a Major League record by recording 19 total bases on May 23, slugging 4 home runs in a single game against the Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park. I often felt that Andre Ethier and Shawn Green had a lot of similarities between them except for the fact that Shawn kept his emotions to himself and Andre wore his emotions. Another fun fact about Shawn Green. His walkup tune, Song 2, the WooHoo song, by Blur, and the 40,000 plus fans yelling in unison…WOO-HOO !!!…

With Shawn Green at the Heal the Bay Beach Cleanup, February 2011.

Other Notable Dodgers Who Wore 15

Davey Lopez
Rafael Furcal

9/11 Ballpark Tributes

13 years ago today, our country, our pride came under attack. 9/11 is a day we shall, and will never forget. A day at the ballgame has always been a place for us to escape our everyday realities even if for just 3 hours. A day at the ballgame has especially been a place where we welcome with open arms those who have served, those who serve today, and the local law enforcement and firefighters who do their best to protect us. Here are some ballpark pics from Dodger Stadium and PETCO Park that pay tribute to those who put their lives for the purpose of protecting us …




wpid-img_3157854408271.jpeg Opening Day, 2009

wpid-img_2888046839249.jpeg Opening Day, 2010

wpid-img_2946581495125.jpeg Opening Day, 2011

wpid-img_3106159734081.jpeg With Mr. Rick Monday.   Aside from rescuing the U.S. Flag, Rick Monday once served in the U.S. Marine Corps

wpid-img_3076282120777.jpeg  Opening Day, 2002.  The first Opening Day , post 9/11 .  Local law enforcement and firefighters about to unveil the United States shaped flag


wpid-20140831_125022.jpg USS Midway exhibit from the right field concourse of PETCO Park in San Diego.


wpid-20140831_141205.jpg Military Sunday at PETCO Park, 8/31.  Military Sunday has been a longstanding tradition for every Sunday Padres home game

wpid-20140831_163620.jpg U.S. Marine Corps, PETCO Park, 8/31


wpid-img_682637649051.jpeg Never Forget…

wpid-img_1467354541985.jpeg Some final thoughts…




Ballparks, Bytes and Bites, A Sunday Fun-Dre at The Park, From the 619

What up everyone ! We’re Baaaaaack !!! Kid Marly Marlz and DodgerDrei here, aka Kid N Drei, back here for one last edition, road edition at least, of Ballparks, Bytes, and Bites , this time coming to you from the 619. PETCO Park, San Diego, C-A. Of course, as always, BB&B….

MARLZ_BUBBLES_PETCO Featuring Kid Marly Marlz, of House Party fame ( I Think ) ready to throw a Foam Party. ( Something about Dodger Blue and Foam Parties)

Sunday, 8/31. On this, what Drei here likes to call, Sunday Fun-Dre , on this last Sunday Fun-Dre for summer 2014, Kid N Drei take to the road this time with our buddy Jose, aka JJ as we make the 2 hour plus trek down I-5 to PETCO Park in San Diego. Before heading south…


PORTOS_MINION We decide to make a quick stop for some morning munchies. Hey, can you blame our Pet Minion Dave (whom you will see later as well) for being so happy?  After all, we’re grabbing them munchies from Porto’s . For those of you not familiar with Porto’s, perhaps these reviews may help . FYI, the reviews itself don’t say enough about Porto’s, and I’ve been told even from The Kid that I’m a tough critic…

PORTOS_CHEESEBALLS Porto’s famous potato cheeseballs and chicken croquets.To the surprise of Drei and JJ, Kid Marlz never knew of Porto’s before this day…

Kid Marlz: What’s Portos ?
Drei: Uh, Jose, did he just ask what is Portos ?
JJ: Uh, he did NOT just ask what Porto’s is…

After trying some of the munchie’s that DREI provided from Portos, KID !!!, it’s safe to say this won’t be the last time Kid Marlz will be munching from that ever so popular Cuban bakery…

PORTOS_KID Tell us what you really think Kid …

OK, time to head south, from the ” West-Side”, via the 405 to the 5…

DABOYS Hey look . Jose, aka JJ, has joined us today and will be the one putting up with Kid N Drei as he provides the ride behind the wheel. ( Sidenote folks, JJ has been putting up with Kid Marlz a lot longer than Drei…) Glad you could finally join us JJ !!! Off to Diego….

MARLZ_SAMMY_DODGERDOG Having fun back there kid ? Hey, what’s Sourdough Sam smoking back there ? Yes folks, that’s Sourdough Sam, the 49ERS mascot with our Dodger Dog keeping Kid Marly Marlz entertained. Now you all may be asking why is Sammy heading south with us. Well, believe it or not, Sammy does have a favorite Dodger that he does cheer for when his buddy Lou Seal is not looking. Who you may ask. Why none other than Matt Kemp, who also happens to be a huge 49ERS fan…

Matt Kemp, 49ers Hey, it’s that time of year Matt. Drei here thinks we’ll be singing WHO’S GOT IT BETTER THAN US not only in February but also late October…

Road Games…

As we’re cruising down I-5 after breezing down the 405 through The OC ( Yes folks, it ACTUALLY is possible to breeze down 405 believe it or not…) , I bring up an old game that I used to play as a kid many many years ago. A game called, Out of State. It’s one of those classic road trip games you play with your buddies . Simple game really. All you do is call out an out-of state license plate that you see on the road and keep tabs among yourselves. Of course it’s a little harder to play these day’s with so many different license plate designs. ( Yeah, I’m that old folks. Drei here still remembers those blue license plates…) It was pretty close for the most part. Who won ?

JJ- 9
Drei- 7
Marlz- 2 ( The second was only because JJ and Drei felt sorry for Marlz we let him have North Carolina…  Then again, Kid Marlz was probably having too much fun with his mascot buddies to be paying attention to out of state license plates…)

Almost There…


ARENA2 The San Diego Sports Arena. One time home to the Clippers before moving to L.A. in 1984. Gotta love that old-school feel .

Trolley1 Ready to board that trolley to PETCO. Uh, Marlz, what are you doing to The Mariner Moose ? Uh, Marlz, you’re not being very nice to the Friars spring training buddy… ( No harm was done to The Moose folks..)

Trolley2 Drei and The Boys using the trolley to get to PETCO. The SDMTS trolley really is a great way to go if you should ever venture south for a game…

Finally Arrived. Today’s Ballpark, PETCO Park

SDPECTO1 Our view early in the game from the upper right field corner

SDPETCO2 U.S. Marine Corps. A longstanding tradition for the local Marines to take in a Padres game on Military Sunday. Oh yeah, should you arrive early, you may want to check out this exhibit beneath the right field stands. San Diego has always been regarded as a town with heavy military ties…


SDPETCO4 Honoring those that serve

SDPETCO7 Our view later on in the game from the upper reaches behind home plate.  Can’t beat that view, can we ?  Hey, how about our first audio/video byte ?  Here’s Matt Kemp, with a chance to give the Blue the lead, Top 5, With Drei and The Boys…

<p><a href=”″>Bison Up, Top 5, PETCO Park, 8/31</a> from <a href=”″>Andre Ojeda</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

OK, I think it’s time to grab a Bite . Today’s Bite will be inside the Park . Today’s Bite, Hodad’s

SDPETCO6_HODADS Here’s The Hodad’s Lowdown . You might even get the latest surf report, dude…..

As JJ and I make our way toward Hodad’s and Kid Marlz was enjoying himself  with some of his mascot buddies, we all decided upon the single bacon cheeseburger with all the fixens with fries ( For JJ ) and onion rings ( Drei ). Of course we were not going to leave Marlz to Wipe Out, dude, so of course we got him a single bacon cheeseburger as well… ( Whoa. Hodad’s got Drei talkin’ that surf talk.  How are the waves at The Strand, Dude ?  ) 

SDPETCO8 Must be nice to have your food brought to you kid ! Let’s see, earlier it was Porto’s, now Hodad’s. Must be nice living the life of a kid…KID !!! Care to Hang 10, dude ?

Hey Kid, as Drei here brings the next video byte, perhaps you’d like to give a review of Hodads ? Speaking of the next byte, Kid Marlz here isn’t the only one that act’s the part of the kid as Drei shows he can play as well. Heck, in this clip, as Matt Kemp is up in the top 8, Drei decide’s to bring in our guest from The Bay, Sourdough Sam !!!

20140831 151515 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

Yeah, JJ and Drei also had rave rewiews for Hodad’s . Those were some big and tasty burgers. That was just the single patty bacon cheese piled high with all the fixings. I can only imagine what the double bacon cheese would be like for us big eaters. I also liked the fact they don’t skimp on the bacon bits, really enhancing the taste of our burgers. But on Drei’s scale of 5, Drei had to take one star away for this…

BEATLA Not on this day…

MINIONS Hey, Dave, our Pet Minion is back ! Dave seems to be having a great time down south on this last Sunday Fun-Dre of the summer, 2014…

OK. Back to the on-field action.  It’s still the top of the 8th, and now Andre Ethier is at the plate pinch hitting for today’s starter Hyun-Jin Ryu.  Drei hasn’t had much of a chance to call Dre’s action lately with him not getting much playing time.  OK, Let’s check out this next clip.  You’ll also see later in the clip Kid Marly Marlz getting the Foam Party started early …

<p><a href=”″>Top 8 at PETCO, and Dre at the Plate, Drei Calling the Action</a> from <a href=”″>Drei</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

With the game now comfortably in the hands of The Blue, Kid Marlz and his mascot buddies figure now is a good time for some good old fashion playtime. But before he does….

Kid Marlz got the bubbles going !!!

Oh look, Dave our Pet Minion this time trying to steal the spotlight from Kid Marlz, along with his Dodger Dog.  Our Pet Minion Dave sure had a great time on the road with Kid Marlz.  After all, he deserves a day of fun away from his home at a certain theme park in Universal City…

You know kid, there is A Park At The Park . We can all go there after the game…
Uh oh. Sammy and The Moose are about to go at it. The Moose didn’t care for Sammy’s comments about having 5 more Super Bowl titles than his favorite team. The Moose didn’t exactly care for Sammy calling his city Seadderall…

It looks like Sammy has taken down The Moose…

Yo Moose ! What’s up with you and Sammy ? Why do I have to seperate you two ? Can’t you two get along ?
You behave yo-self Moose…

Yo Marlz, as always, you seem to be having fun with your mascot buddies . You know you can take them with you to The Park at the Park after the game.  But before we head to the Park at the Park, here’s one last audio/video byte from Drei.  Top 9, Bison up one last time, and Sammy back to see his favorite Bison at the plate.  Do Sammy and The Mariner Moose resolve their differences ?  Also, a Cowboys fan also chimes in on with the NFL season opener getting close ( As you may have seen this past Sunday, talking bad about the 49ers, Matt Kemp’s favorite team, around Sammy, is never a good thing…)

<p><a href=”″>Top 9 at PETCO, Matt Kemp Up One Last Time</a> from <a href=”″>Drei</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

Postgame, Park At The Park With Kid Marly Marlz and Friends.

wpid-20140831_163620.jpgOn this Labor Day weekend, we take time to honor those who serve. No matter what our political stance is especially on war, we still cannot deny the time and sacrifice they put in to protecting us. If only the government did more for not only those are currently serving but those who have served as well….

wpid-20140831_163442.jpgJJ and Marlz giving PETCO a touch of Blue…

wpid-20140831_163932.jpgPaying our respects to Mr. Padre , Tony Gwynn. He was a thorn to our side for many years, yet he played the game the right way. RIP Tony Gwynn…

wpid-20140831_163557.jpgKid N Drei turning PETCO, Blue. Our signature L.A. sign is backwards. That’s not the only thing that you will see backwards … OK, time to take the kid to The Park while the sun is still out…

wpid-20140831_164325.jpgWhy Kid, you got dem braids working. You even got your shirt on backward. Uh oh. Is it Kid Marlz or The Daddy Mack from Kris Kross ?


wpid-20140831_164255.jpgYO, DADDY MACK ….

wpid-20140831_164815.jpgFinally . We’ve arrived at the Park at the Park. Kid Marlz is really excited to be here with his mascot buddies. Even The Swinging Friar, in spite of our Boys in Blue taking down his Friars earlier 7-1, joined Kid Marlz’ Foam Party with his other mascot buddies…

wpid-20140831_164818.jpgAnd in the back, as the kid blows away, Drei enjoys a good book…

wpid-20140831_164829.jpgUh, Kid. Don’t you think the other kids here at the park would like to join you and your mascot buddies in your Foam Party  ?

wpid-20140831_164833.jpg Uh, Kid…


wpid-20140831_164837.jpgKID !!!

wpid-20140831_165014.jpgFinally the kid moves his Foam Party . And he still got the backward look on. With the braids to go with it, Drei is starting to think it was the Daddy Mack he took to the park .  In the meantime, the mascot’s decided there’s a big playground for them to play around.  I wonder if Sourdough Sam and The Mariner Moose have made up yet ….

wpid-picsart_1409815030154.jpg wpid-picsart_1409814704337.jpg

wpid-picsart_1409814442351.jpgSee Kid. Even the other kids love playing with bubbles. And the kid is still got the shirt on backward . It looks like the Daddy Mack wannabe is making those kids wanna…JUMP ! JUMP !

wpid-picsart_1410036960726.jpg You really are having a great time with the other kids with your foam party aren’t you kid?  Hey kid, there’s also a mini baseball field for kids like you to play….

Field of Dreams

Every  kid, even the big, bearded ones, dream of making it to the bigs someday…

wpid-picsart_1410037709533.jpgCheck out that little one’s relay to third…

wpid-picsart_1410041621942.jpg You…

wpid-picsart_1410041506886.jpg Are…

wpid-picsart_1410041779007.jpgOUT !!! ( Look at Jose in the back. He seems to be enjoying the fact that Kid Marlz has been thrown out by a little kid !!!!)

wpid-picsart_1410038545653.jpgMarlz: Yo Drei, what do you mean I was out !

wpid-picsart_1410038767039.jpgDrei: The kid tagged you before your hand touched the bag kid !

wpid-picsart_1410038913330.jpgMarlz:  ” FERTILIZER ! FERTILIZER ! FERTILIZER ! “

wpid-picsart_1410039064068.jpgDrei:  Kid!  You did NOT just say ” FERTILIZER”… You’re Outta Here KID !!!

wpid-picsart_1410039219734.jpgOh I never felt so good tossing someone from a game… Looks like Kid Marlz had himself a good time as well. The day at the park is almost over. I’d take you to Stone Brewery behind you bu they wont let me bring any kids inside….

So a long Fun Day , Sun-Dre comes to a close.  Let’s see kid, a ballgame at PETCO, an afternoon at Park at the Park with Dave The Minion, your mascot buddies,  small ball at the lil’ Friars yard… Yeah.  Drei can see why you’re so exhausted kid.  But hey, it sure was quite a fun-filled Sun-Day Fun-Dre at the parks, wasn’t it kid ?

KID_SLEEPING Kid Marlz really is beat…

PETCOsign wpid-picsart_1410039517987.jpg Hey kid, it’s time to go now.  I know you want to sleep here at The Park, but you know what the sign says…   wpid-picsart_1410039383055.jpg  Kid….

KIDNDRE_PARKATPARK Yo, Wake Up Kid !!!  It’s time to go.  Even the Marine Corps behind us is heading home.  All that fun today finally got to you huh ?  wpid-picsart_1410043981675.jpg We really did have a lot of fun this summer didn’t we kid ?   Heck, we even brought the Foam Parties down I-5 with us…. Drei_Anaheim   Be it Anaheim… wpid-20140831_165014.jpg or San Diego, there sure was no stopping our Dodger Blue Foam Party, right kid ! Yup.  Kid N Drei got all of SoCal covered this summer.  In case you missed our  previous adventures of BBB, here they are, from here in L.A. , to The O.C., and of course here in the 619  ( It really is hard to believe that one is in his early 30s and the other one is in his early 40s.  But hey, I guess that’s how it goes when you’re at ballpark, a playground, and around those who believe their still kids at heart… )  Also, from Kid Marly Marlz…  MARLZ_MEME1  MARLZ_MEME2  Don’t ever tell me I never “like” your stuff in instagram kid!  All kidding aside, I just want you to know that a true like should always go beyond 2 taps on a screen , and Drei see’s a lot more in and ahead of you Kid.  Allright kid, before we sign off, why don’t you tell us how it went down from the 213 to the 619 and back to the 213 as we cruise up 405 north with JJ behind the wheel.  Oh yeah, speaking of JJ, I want to thank you Jose for not only driving us around today but for putting up for Kid N Drei as well, though you’ve put up with the kid a lot longer that Drei has.  Drei is also glad you could FINALLY make it to a game with us.  OK Kid !  Tell us how it went down… ( Warning . Some minor explicit words here.  After all, this is a Big Kid we’re dealing with here… )

<p><a href=”″>Kid Marly Marlz , Freestyle On The 405</a> from <a href=”″>Drei</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> As Drei said, you really got a lot more ahead of you…  I hope you all enjoyed this light-hear-ted version of BBB with Kid N Drei .   Oh yeah, here’s a more structured review of PETCO Park from Drei .  Going on any other sports themed road trips ?  Check us out at Stadium Journey for all your road trip tips.  Will there be another BBB this season ? Maybe another , Foam Party ?   I really hope so.  Never a dull moment with you Kid Marlz.  Good Time Kid…

wpid-picsart_1410040381025.jpg From the 619.  Hey, we got our signature L.A. tag right this time !!!  As always, Good Times Kid…  ” ‘Til The Next Episode…”

wpid-20140831_161051.jpg Once a Kid…Always a Kid…Forever a Kid…Kid at Heart



Magic Number Fun Facts…16


Andre Ethier.  Andre Ethier is currently the longest tenured Dodger now in his 9th season in Dodger Blue.  Prior to his Dodget days,  Andre Ethier was in the Oakland A’s minor league system before being traded here prior to the 2006 for Milton Bradley.   Andre is the third Arizona State Sun Devil to wear the number 16, joining former catcher Paul Lo Duca , and former outfielder and current Dodger broadcaster Rick Monday…


With Rick Monday, prior to the Dodgers/Red Sox exhibition game at The Coliseum, March 29, 2008.


All Dre… Good Dre !!!

Extra Innings


Foam Party in the 619 !  Its Kid Marly Marlz once again, taking his Foam Party to the Park at the Park at PETCO Park in San Diego.  More to come later on Ballparks, Bytes and Bites

Magic Number Fun Facts…19

image Jim Gilliam would play for the Dodgers in both Brooklyn, 1953-57, and Los Angeles from 1958-1966. He was a 2 time all-star, in 1956 and 1959, was named NL Rookie of the Year in 1953 and would play in 4 World Champion Dodger teams in both Brooklyn and Los Angeles, in 1955 during Brooklyn’s lone championship, and in 1959, 1963 and 1965. He would be named player-coach in 1964 then serve as full time coach in 1967 until his death one day prior to the 1978 World Series and ni ne days prior to his 50th birthday. Jim Gilliam is the only Dodger not inducted into the Hall of Fame to have his number retired.

Jim Gilliam. Brooklyn Dodgers 2B,3B , 1953-57, Los Angeles Dodgers, 1958-1966 .

Extra Innings…

Sunday Fun-Dre In The Park
image OUT AT THIRD ! Hey, it’s another Sunday Fun-Dre at the park, with Kid Marly Marlz and DodgerDrei, yup thats right, Kid N Drei bringing you some fun n games from the park, coming to you from PETCO Parks Park at the Park, where Kid Marly Marlz trying to stretch a double into a triple has just been thrown out at 3rd by some little kid . More to come later this week with the Padres in town when we bring you our next edition of Ballparks, Bytes and Bites as we bring it to you from the 619 . Happy Sunday Fun-Dre ! Go Dodgers !!!

Magic Number Fun Facts…21

MILTONBRADLEY_DODGERS Perhaps you all remember Milton Bradley ? The one time volatile personality who once roamed the outfield for The Blue. Milton Bradley would spend 2 seasons with the Dodgers from 2004-2005 before being traded to the Oakland A’s prior to the 2006 season for Andre Ethier. Many of you know about Milton Bradley’s off-field headlines , to say the least. Prior to his arrival to the Dodgers in 2004, the Long Beach native had already had a sketchy history. I was really hoping a return home to the southland would help turn things around for him. I had a chance to meet him a couple of times and seemed very cordial among the fans.

MILTONBRADLEY_BUSCHSTADIUM2005 Milton Bradley signing for fans at old Busch Stadium, May, 2005 .

Other Dodgers to Wear 21

Jim Brewer 1970-75
Jay Johnstone 1980-82
Billy Ashley 1996-97

And of course…

greinke Zack Greinke

Extra Innings

KIDnDREI An afternoon at The Playground at The Park with the kid. One of the nice things about PETCO Park in San Diego is the nice little playground they have for kids , even that bearded kid, bringing new meaning to the term ” kids of all ages…” . Yup, it’s Kid Marly Marlz and Dodger Drei, aka, Kid n Drei , from my previous features of Ballparks, Bytes and Bites , back at it again, this time from PETCO Park. After another Sunday Fun-Dre at the park, as well as , The Park blowing bubbles ,Kid Marly Marlz convinces Dodger Drei, seen reading a book, to take him to the playground. Who was Drei to argue . More to come from Kid and Dre in the next edition of BBB, from the 619 and Petco Park. Once a kid, Always a Kid, Forever a Kid, Kid at Heart….

Magic Number Fun Facts…22


I think this man needs no introduction.   With his 17th win, Clayton Kershaw continues to see his ERA shrink ( If thats even possible anymore ) to a minuscule 1.70 .  The last Dodger starter with an ERA that low, yup you guessed it.  Sandy Koufax.  Koufax would finish the 1966 season with a 1.72 ERA.

Other Notable Dodgers to Wear 22

Johnny Padres 1958-1966
Bill Buckner 1970-1976
Brett Butler 1991-1994, 1995-1997

Magic Number Fun Facts…23

AGON Adrian Gonzalez, currently the team leader with 91 RBI’s, is on pace for another 100 RBI season. AGon is also currently batting .277 . Looking for a big September from AGon…

GIBSON Of course he needs no intro. Though these day’s as manager of the DBacks his organizations actions and to an extent some of his as well have not made too many Dodger fans happy . While many of you know of his biggest feat from October of 26 years ago, DID YOU KNOW ?… Kirk Gibson never once made it to the all-star game ?

Tonight’s Lineup

STARTINGLINEUP0902 Tonight marks Joc Pederson’s first MLB start as Clayton Kershaw looks to win his 17th. At the moment, the Dodgers currently stand 2 games in front of the Giants in the NL West. The Giants have won 7 of their last 8 to cut the Dodgers deficit.


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