Looking to Continue Their Road Dominance and The Freedom to Support Your Teams Colors in Enemy Territory

After sweeping their 2 game set in Arizona, the Dodgers look to continue their winning ways on the road as they take their MLB best road mark of 42-26 down south to PETCO Park this weekend for a 3 game series with the San Diego Padres , as Dan Haren looks to continue his recent success, having won 3 of his last 4 decisions. Haren will be matched up against Andrew Cashner, who , in spite of his 2-6 record, sports a very solid 2.43 ERA.


Pool Party ( Again ) Anyone ?

By now, you’ve all become familiar with the Dodgers pool party that took place last season after clinching the NL West at Chase Field. We all know that not everyone, particularly those in the DBacks organization, we’re none to thrilled about The Blue’s ” Pool Party ” .

Senator McCain even went so far as to call the Dodgers out for their actions , to which Brian Wilson tweeted…

So this past week, a buddy of mine decides to wear a shirt he has made in reference to last season’s pool celebration. Armando Mendoza, @daadozer on twitter and instagram, was asked during this past Tuesday’s game to turn his shirt over inside out…

Of course in this day of social media where nothing is a secret, this made more than headline news . Unfortunately, this is NOT the first time the Arizona Diamondbacks organization has gone to such lengths to prevent Dodgers fans from wearing their favorite blue attire .

However, thanks to the power of social media and the help of other fellow Dodger fans and fansites such as DodgersBeat and the Dodgers-LowDown among many who helped out a fellow Dodger fan, sanity prevailed and the shirt was allowed to be worn in it’s proper position. As for the shirt…

Here is the link as to where you can purchase the same shirt Armando wore. Oh yeah, you don’t have to be an Arizona native Dodger fan to proudly sport it…

Also, with the upcoming Labor Day weekend, check out his twitter handle @daadozer and thank Armando not only for being a hard core Dodger fan but also thank this former U.S. Marine corporal for helping protect our country as well. Perhaps the Diamondback organization could do a pre-game honor in recognition for his military work for all the commotion they have created ?

dodgerfans Hey Mando, you had our country’s back, Eric from the Dodgers Low-Down and I got your’s.

MandoNJessica Hope to see you and the wifey here in October…

Ballparks, Bytes and Bites, 626 Day From The Ravine to the 626, 6/26/2014

But First…
On This Day, 1966, The Beatles perform their 2nd to last concert ever at Dodger Stadium on this day, August 28, 1966. Their final concert ever would be the next evening up in San Francisco’s Candlestick Park. Dodger Stadium would be 1 of 9 MLB parks The Beatles would ever perform at . With Candlestick Park scheduled for demolition soon, Dodger Stadium will be the only MLB park left standing where The Fab Four has performed.


We’re Baaaaaaaaack !!!

Kid N Dre bringing you our 2nd edition of Ballparks, Bytes, and Bites

Featuring once again, Kid Marly Marlz


And Dodger Dre with the story-telling. Or as Kid Marly Marlz likes to say when Dre has his beats on …

DRE_BEATS Dre Beats !!!

There’s something about being around a ballpark that brings out the kid in all of us…

Marlz_ElysianHills Every kid dreams of making it to the bigs someday, such as this kid looking from a distance high up on the Elysian Hills ( even this 30 something kid can dream, right ? )

Once inside the stadium walls, there certainly has to be other fun things and sweet treats that bring out the kid in all of us. After all, what kid can’t resist the sweet taste of cotton candy at the ballpark, right ?

wpid-picsart_1403758081202.jpg We’re just never too old for cotton candy are we Marlz ?

Of course there are also other sweet treats inside the yard that kids big and small can sink their teeth into…

MARLZ_BIGAPPLE Whoa Marlz ! That’s quite a BIG APPLE there for a BIG KID !!!

What kid doesn’t like to play with toys ? Dodger Stadium has toys of all sizes for kids of all ages…

MARLZ_KOUFAX Here’s a flashback here. Kid Marlz and his Koufax bobblehead in 2012. Notice no facial hair for the kid ?

MARLZ_BIGBOBBLE Now that, is a big kid’s bobblehead !!!

Speaking of bobbleheads…

MARLZ_WILSONBBL1 It looks like Kid Marly Marlz is having fun with his new lil’ bro, Brian, aka, THE BEARD…

MARLZ_WILSONBBL2 See the resemblance between the two ?

On this Thursday evening, June 26th, 626 day to those in and from the San Gabriel Valley ( 626 being the main area code of SGV ) , the Boys in Blue would do battle with the St. Louis Cardinals in a rematch of last year’s NLCS.

DODGERSCARDS_SCORECARDS¬†The Dodgers and Cardinals both have long and storied histories, having met in the post-season 3 times in the last 10 years, something the Kid and I look back on among other throwback topics in this upcoming video byte as Andre Ethier is at the plate. ¬†It’s a custom for Dre here to “try” and call the action when Dre is at the plate…

Drei+n+Kid+Marlz%2C+626+Night+at+The+Ravine%2C+Part+1 from Good_Drei on Vimeo.

The Dodgers and Cardinals would be deadlocked in a scoreless game through 7. ¬†As Dre here again try’s to do play by play for Dre, Marlz decides to use the moment to do some self-promoting of his instagram tag @mdario83

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/103876835″>Marlz Self Promoting @MDario83</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user29602044″>Andre Ojeda</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> ¬†

The game remained scoreless until the bottom of the 8th, when Justin Turner would come off the bench and deliver…


Before Kenley Jansen would come in and shut the door down on the Dodgers hard earned 1-0 win over the Red Birds, Kid Marlz decides to strut his stuff to some California Love…

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/103877650″>Jansen Entrance Featuring @MDario83 (Short Version.mp4</a> from <a href=”http://vimeo.com/user29602044″>Andre Ojeda</a> on <a href=”https://vimeo.com”>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p> ¬†Hey Kid ! ¬†As you we’re doing your strut to some California Love, I noticed the fans behind you we’re leaving you… ( I had to get that out kid !!! LOL )

So on this Thursday evening in a hard fought match-up between the Dodgers and Cardinals, the Dodgers would prevail 1-0. ¬†Could these two teams meet again in this years post-season ? ¬†It’s getting close to that time of year folks…

From The Ravine to the West 626 For Some Post-Game Bites

Tonight, our post-game dining ventures take us to Alhambra located on the west end of the San Gabriel Valley on 626 day on 6/26.  Along Valley Blvd., one can find many late night Asian dining options.  On this night however, Kid Marlz and I decide to go to that one non-Asian spot on the corner of Valley and Garfield where patrons have gone for their pastrami fix for many years, The Hat.

THEHAT¬†Having grown up not to far from here in San Gabriel, I have made many ventures to The Hat for my pastrami fix for many a years . ¬†Sliced paper thin and piled high, marinated in it’s own juices, The Hat still continues to be my occasional late night stop especially after an evening game.

WETFRIES Some wet fries to go with the pastrami.  Looks like the Mini Beard and the Mini Puig have their eyes set on this meal.  

MARLZ_HAT1 Ready to dig in Kid ?

MARLZ_HAT2 In the meantime, while Kid Marlz is reading to chow down, Mini Puig and MIni Beard are wondering how are we going to finish all this food ?

MARLZ_HAT3¬†Mini Puig doesn’t seem to thrilled that Kid Marlz would chow down like that in front of them…

MARLZ_HAT4¬†You hungry kid ? ¬†His lil’ bro, the Mini Beard doesn’t seem very amused , especially since the Kid isn’t sharing. ¬†The Mini Beard looks like he’s ready to deliver some chin music to The Kid if he don’t share some of his pastrami…

MARLZ_HAT5 And the Mini Bearded one and The Kid are now at peace.  

On a side note, when Kid Marlz put some ketchup on his pastrami sandwich, that had to be the first time in all the years I’ve dined at The Hat that I’ve seen someone put some sort of “foreign” condiment on the sandwich.

Dre: ” You’re really gonna put ketchup on that ? “

Kid: ” Yeah buddy !!! ”¬†

Dre: ” Who put’s ketchup on their pastrami ? “

Kid: ” This guy !!! “

So, that sums up this edition of Ballparks, Bytes and Bites. ¬†L.A. and it’s vast area is full of pre and post game dining options that many a Dodger fan has favorited. ¬†I’m sure you have one of your own in your town as well. ¬†So, what’s your favorite pre and post game dining spot ?

KIDNDRE_HAT¬†Kid N Dre chowing down. ¬†FYI, we we’re not able to finish the wet fries with our pastrami. ¬†We aren';t the first not to accomplish this feat. ¬†We certainly won’t be the last. ¬†That was a lot of food. ¬† Even the Mini Puig and Mini Beard couldn’t help us.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this edition of Kid N Dre’s Ballparks, Bytes and Bites. ¬†Next up, San Diego and PETCO Park. ¬†What will Kid N Dre have in store for you next ? ¬†Stay tuned…

minibeard¬†You really are enjoying quality time with your new Lil Bro aren’t you kid ? ¬†As always… Once a Kid, Always a Kid, Forever a Kid, Kid at Heart…. ¬†

DRE_BEATS_BISON¬†Hey Kid ! ¬†You ain’t the only Big Boy who still plays with toys ! ¬†Dre got his Mini Bison to help with his Beats !!! ¬†‘Til the Next Episode…







Sunday Fun-Dre With The Mini Bison in Photos

MINIBISON1 Pregame . The Mini Bison roaming around the outfield . He looks so life-sized…

MINIBISON2 Caution . Bison Crossing…

Time to Take The Mini Bison for a Spin…

MINIBISON3 The Mini Bison doing some spinning with our resident DJ who you can follow on Instagram @admoneson


MINIBISON_FANS1 MINIBISON_FANS2 MINIBISON_FANS4 The Mini Bison sure knows how to attract the fans…

MINIBISON_FANS3 Even this young fan couldn’t help but stop by and say hi to our Mini Bison …

Other happening on Sunday Fun-Dre …

SISTERCITIES On the way to The Ravine through DTLA , Blue here takes time to learn of our sister cities of the world . The landmark can be viewed on the norhteast corner of 1st and Main Streets .

BASEBALL_HAIKU2 Only at a ballgame can you pass time and read a book, especially if the game is getting out of hand as it was yesterday. Though I can only imagine that if you’re going to read a book at a ballgame, the only way you can get away with it is if you’re doing this solo, as Dre tends to do every so often. ( This may be another sign that Dre here has reached the 40 mark if he’s ACTUALLY reading a book at a ballgame !!! LOL . )

BASEBALL_HAIKU Baseball Haiku. A fine read anywhere especially in the ballpark on a lazy Sunday afternoon when your team is getting clobbered on the field by 8 runs. It’s a collection of short form poetry as all haiku’s are, that center’s its focus on baseball, the nature surrounding the game and it’s lifelong impact and memories on the various writers . Of course there are plenty of other baseball books to read at the ballpark or anywhere as suggested by these MLB.com writers …

NANCYBEA Well look who had time for a picture before serenading the over 47,000 plus en masse. It’s our very own Dodger Stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley . Nancy Bea has been our resident organist since 1988 and even with a lot of pop music being played today, the beats of Nancy Bea still resonate strong inside the walls of Chavez Ravine…

Back to The Mini Bison

MINIBISON9 Not long after the game has ended does Mini Bison run through the Retired Numbers Plaza up at the top deck

MINIBISON12MINIBISON10MINIBISON11 Of course The Mini Bison is proud to salute his all time favorite Dodger, Jackie Robinson. Determined and animated, the Mini Bison is getting ready for the stretch drive toward October !!! Dre has said it countless times even through the harshest of times and Dre here will say it again…. This is your team Matt !!! It’s up to you to lead us deep into October !!!

BISON_DREI Lead the way Matt !!!

Make Way For The Mini Bison


Mini Bison running through  the Dodger Legacy of Greatness …

On This Day, August 22, 1965 , Marichal vs. Roseboro

roseboro_marichal The most famous on-field fight in baseball history took place between Dodgers catcher John Roseboro and Giants pitcher Juan Marichal. Juan Marichal would be suspended by NL President Warren Giles for 8 games, the equivalent of 2 starts. L.A. Times columnist Jim Murray writes ” Let a common citizen whack someone over the head with a bat and see what he gets…” . Maury Wills would call Giles a SOB. Though Marichal would only miss two starts, the two starts missed may have been crucial because the Dodgers would win the pennant by one game over, The Giants. Here is a recollection of that day’s events from Juan Marichal, who years later would become good friends with John Roseboro. It’s also been said that Roseboro played an integral part in Marichal’s induction to the Hall of Fame.


The Magic of Baseball Among African Americans and a Mini Puig Sighting in Westwood

Another interesting read focuses on the state of the game among African-Americans, this time from MLB.com beat writer Terence Moore, who feels Magic Johnson dispels myths that blacks aren’t into baseball . That, of course, is still debatable. Here’s an excerpt from his latest read…

” Let’s start with Williamsport, Pa., where a totally African-American team from Chicago is competing in the Little League World Series. Not only that, the star of the whole event so far is a 13-year-old Philadelphia girl, Mo’ne Davis, who throws a baffling slider when she isn’t frustrating hitters with 70 mph fastballs. “

Speaking of Mo’ne Davis

Perhaps we will see Mo’ne in the bigs some day ? I really hope so. Baseball integrated players of all colors , why not integrate the two genders ? If she has the ability to hurl a 95 MPH fastball in 10 years or prior, I say, Why Not ? In the meantime, Mo’ne has issued a pitchoff challenge to Clayton Kershaw .

Yasiel or Kobe ?


Perhaps this piece on Yasiel Puig may greatly influence your decision on what to name your newborn child, assuming it’s a boy. You will also be glad to know that the name Kobe increased in popularity in 1997 after some HS kid named Kobe was thrust right into the spotlight of another storied L.A. franchise…

KOBE This will be Kobe’s 19th season donning the Purple and Gold. At 35, Kobe says in basketball years he is 70 . I’d say that’s a good way of analyzing any professional athlete north of 30. Even at 70 basketball years, I think most teams would still clamor for your service Kobe …

Mini Puig Sighting in Westwood

For those of you who have followed my past Mini Puig posts, today, the Mini one pays a visit to the home of The Sons of Westwood, where he pays homage to another great who donned not only the Dodger Blue but also the Blue and Gold..

Puig_Jackie Paying homage to Jackie Robinson at the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame .

Puig_VictoryBell Oh yeah. Gotta love the sight of The Victory Bell in Bruin Blue, 2 years in a row !!! Looks like our Mini Puig is calling for an 8-Clap !!! It’s almost that time of year folks where we do double-duty !!!

hundley With Brett Hundley during the Beat SC bonfire back in November. Mr. Heisman ? This is going to be a big year for The Mighty Bruins. I’ll have to get Mini Puig to pose with you at the next Beat SC bonfire…

Regular Season Head to Head vs. Playoff Head to Head

Interesting read in today’s Dodger Insider regarding the significance, or lack of, between regular season and post-season head to head matchups.


For those of you who may be in a panic over the Blue Crew’s 1-5 mark against the Brew Crew after being swept this weekend, as you can see from past playoff match-ups listed above, the regular season is not always a true indicator of how teams match up in the post-season, ESPECIALLY, in baseball, where 162 games are played and any team, no matter how good, can look bad during a slump against anyone, no matter how bad the opponent is. Lets take a look at recent history going back to 2008.

In 2008 and 2009, the Dodgers had 2-5 regular season records against the Cardinals and Cubs. Dodgers swept both teams in the NLDS 3 games to none. Let’s look at last season. The Braves had our number in the regular season. What did it matter come playoff time ?

“How do the Dodgers and Braves matchup ? During the regular season the Boys from Georgia took 5 of 7 against the Boys in Blue however it should be noted that 3 of those wins came during a 3 game sweep in Atlanta during the Dodgers rough start, injuries had still crippled the team and that included the loss of Hanley Ramirez. “

My words from last season’s preview of the NLDS matchup with the Braves . I’m sure you all remember who came out on top.

“The Dodgers had a slight edge over the Cardinals in the regular season, winning 4 out of 7, with the visiting teams winning their respective series. How much of an advantage either team may have on one another, who knows ? So how do the Dodgers and Cardinals matchup heading into the NLCS ? We do know that this time around both teams will be coming into this series at their best unlike during the regular season, when the Cards took 2 of 3 at Dodger Stadium back in May as the Dodgers we‚Äôre still mired in their early season funk and the Dodgers took 3 of 4 at Busch Stadium in early August when the Dodgers we‚Äôre at the height of their post all-star break run while the Red Birds we‚Äôre experiencing a swoon of their own having lost 13 of 18 during that stretch‚Ķ..”

Once again, My words from last season’s preview of the NLCS . Unfortunately, we still remember the end result there. My point, fellow Dodger fans, is that there are a number of factors as to why the regular season means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when teams cross paths come playoff time. Injuries, a team slump, among other numerous factors, could have and all likely play a key role as to why certain teams dominate other teams in the regular season. Let’s also not forget, in a 162 game season, even the best teams lose at least 60 games. Let’s also not forget no matter how good a team is, every team is prone to losing streaks as well. I’ll say it again folks, no matter how good a team is, anyone can go cold at any point in the season even against some bad teams. Also ask yourself, is 6 games out of 162 really a true indicator of how one matches up against each other ? I think not.

Let’s also go back to a decade far far away, the 80s. During the 1983 season, the Dodgers dominated the season series against the Phillies taking 11 games out of 12. Come playoff time, the Phillies entered the NLCS having won 25 of their final 32 while the Dodgers limped into the NL West title. In the 1983 NLCS, it was the Wheeze Kids , a lineup of Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Steve Carlton, and Mike Schmidt, at 34 being the youngest of that bunch, and a hot bat from Gary Matthews that would do the Dodgers in.

Flash forward to 1988. This time it was the Dodgers who we’re in the short end of a regular season matchup, as the Mets, 2 years removed from their 1986 triumph and a possible dynasty in the making, who had taken 10 of 11 from the Dodgers in the regular season. The Mets, led by Doc Gooden’s arm and Darryl Strawberry’s bat, we’re heavy favorites to beat the Dodgers in the NLCS. But the Dodgers defied all odds in a series that would go the full 7 games, and well, you know what happened …

So there you have it. The regular season is a marathon. The playoffs are a whole different beast.

Dre_88trophy It’s been 26 years. Is 2014 the year we party like it’s 1988 ?

Pre Game Sights , 8/17/2014

With the Brewers in town,¬† here’s a classic Bob Uecker clip. ..

Bob Uecker’s “Front Row” commercial: http://youtu.be/hym5EH1rDUk


I must be in the front row…

During Viva Los Dodgers…


MC HanRam !


HanRam taking the dance floor with this young fan…


Pregame entertainment …


Pregame course from the Top Deck


Old Glory proudly flying her colors…


One of the feature good items with the Brewers in town


In honor of Cuban Heritage Day


Super Dodger Dog/ Media Noche combo.¬† Perhaps their best of all their themed super dogs…


The Dodgers look to avoid a 3 game sweep to the Brewers who at the moment are one half a game behind the Dodgers for the best NL record.  Dan Haren takes the mound for the Blue today.  Haren has won his last two decisions, giving up 2 or fewer runs in each game.

Saturday In The Park


Its Saturday afternoon.  Mini Puig is back !  Today he goes through a Saturday Stroll through nearby Echo Park before tonights game with the Milwaukee Brewers .

Saturday In The Park


Its Saturday afternoon.  Mini Puig is back !  Today he goes through a Saturday Stroll through nearby Echo Park before tonights game with the Milwaukee Brewers .


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