Looking Back at Drei’s 2014 AL Forecasts…

So another regular season is in the books.  Around here, 162 games just wasn’t enough, and 4 teams here in the West Coast will be playing in the post-season. Since 2007, there have been 4 tie-breaker games, yet this year,  game 163 was not necessary this year.  So, looking back on this exciting 2014 season, how did Drei’sAL  picks turn out ?  Lets look back first on Drei’s AL Forecast .  

What Drei’s Said about the AL East…

“Pitching will carry the Rays into October. Red Sox are primed for another October run, may be better than last years team. Baltimore got some heavy hitters in their lineup, they’re gonna need all that offense to back up a leaky rotation.”

Drei’s AL East Projections…

Final AL East Standings…

Tampa would dig themselves a huge early hole they could never recover from, while the Blue Jays would start fast before settling into the middle of the pack.  The Red Sox would become the 1st World Champion team since the 1997 Florida Marlins to finish last in their division.  A furious 2nd half would propel the Orioles to their first AL East title since 1997, and an era ends in New York.  Thanks for the memories, Derek Jeter .


What Drei Said about the AL Central…

” Kansas City is looking to make a run at post-season play this year for the first time since 1985. Royals pitching had the lowest ERA in the AL last season and with some added offense October baseball is a strong possibility. “

Drei’s AL Central Projections…

Final AL Central Standings…

Though I did not pick KC to be one of the wild-card teams, I did say that October baseball in KC would be a strong possibility.   Congratulations KC, on your first trip to post-season play since defeating the Cardinals in the 1985 World Series.  The AL Central would be the one division I would come close to getting all my picks correct, ( Wait ’til you see how I picked the AL West…) with the White Sox and Twins rounding out the bottom.  With the Twins occupying the cellar, Ron Gardenhire has been dismissed as Twins manager after 13 seasons at the helm .  

What Drei Said about the AL West…

 “2 managers could be on the hot seat in this division. Ron Washington, who has guided the Rangers to 2 World Series appearances, 4 consecutive 90 plus win season, 3 post season berths, the most successful manager in Rangers history, has certainly raised the bar within the organization and with that comes higher expectations….  Mike Scioscia, another manager in this division who has brought his team it’s longest run of success and is currently baseball’s longest tenured manager with the same team, could very well be on that hot seat as well…. King Felix will once again anchor the Mariners pitching staff, but the M’s, even with the acquisition of Cano, still have some questions on offense. “

 Final AL West Standings…

And that’s why they are called, predictions.  Sometimes, you’re spot on, most times, you’re more than a stone’s throw off.  However, as far off as I was, my words of wisdom  in April really we’re not that far off.  I did say that Ron Washington was on the hot seat, and apparently the seat was a bit too hot amiss the brutal Texas heat, though his reason for his early September release  was rather odd.  The Mariners would win 87 games, finishing 1 game behind the A’s for the final wild card spot, a spot that was not decided until the final game of the season. King Felix was his usual dominant self, and as I said, the offense would have some questions.  As it turned out for the M’s, lack of offense would lead to their demise.

Drei’s Wild Cards…


I did say Oakland would be one of the two wild-cards.  I highly doubt this is what they expected after being as much as 30 games over .500 at one point in the season.  How do these two stack up for the AL Wild Card ?  With two experienced aces going in Jon Lester for the A’s and Scott Shileds for KC, runs should be at a premium.  A packed house at Kaufmann Stadium should be rocking.  Who does Drei pick to go to Anaheim ?


Reppin’ The Blue In The Deep South…

wpid-2014092095123350.jpg I wanted to give a shoutout to my longtime buddy Rex, who recently relocated down south…MISSISSIPPI !  Way to rep that DODGER BLUE in the Deep South, Rex !!!

Extra Innings…

RFBullPenMarkerMinion He’s baaaaaack !!!  He’s ready for October Baseball !!!  It’s our Pet Minion Dave !!!  Here he is perched above the visitors bullpen during an early season game in April.  ( Heckling the visitors Dave ?  Perhaps we should send you out there come Friday ? )  Dave can be a mischievous character, but the other night he proved to be quite a lucky charm .  Do we have a Rally Minion in the works for the playoffs ?  

Oh the excitement of October Baseball….

Keep The Foam Flowing


Moments after the Dodgers clinched the NL West with the Boyz Of Summer, Drei, Kid Marly Marlz and JJ keeping the Foam Party alive !  We’re never too old to play with bubbles, are we ? 

Hey, October baseball is coming.  Lets keep this Foam Party going throughout SoCal …


Through Anaheim…


Through San Diego…


To where it all started…  Time to keep the bubbles flowing through October !!!

Drei’s Tales… The Magic of The Rally Pet Minion Dave

Wednesday,  September 24th.  The day started off like most normal days. The Pet Minion Dave giving his owner Drei some good company in his office .  Dave is really excited.  Dave knows that later on that evening, Drei is taking him out for a Wednesday night ballgame at The Ravine for a huge matchup with the hated ones.   Dave is also excited because he knows this could be the night the Dodgers clinch the NL West with Kershaw on the mound.   Dave is also excited because he knows he’ll get to see his favorite playmate, Uncle Marly,  whom some of you may know from  as,  Kid Marly Marlz from past posts on Ballparks, Bytes and Bites

Marlz_Dave2 Minion Dave and his Uncle Marly

Marlz_Dave What mischief awaits these two ?



Wednesday morning,  9/24/2014.  Starting the Dodger Blue Out early !   Our Pet Minion Dave keeping his owner Drei company in his workplace.  Don’t let the doo-rag scare you folks.   Dave is really a fun-loving and, at times,  a mischievous character…

Boyz Night Out

MARLZ_JJ_DAVE Dave loves hanging out with The Boyz of Summer, JJ and Marly.  Dave has really found himself quite attached to The Boyz, especially to Marly.  Recently, he tagged along with The Boyz on a road trip to PETCO Park to see their Boys In Blue in action…

MINIONDAVE_PETCOPARK MARLZ_Dave_DodgerDogKid Marly Marlz, or to Minion Dave,  Uncle Marly, and the Dodger Dog, enjoying each other’s mischievous, kids at heart like company down south…

Pet Minion Dave and his favorite Uncle Marly have really developed quite a bond.  Last time out at The Ravine, before the evening ended, Uncle Marly was going all emo…

MARLY_EMOAwe.  It’s OK Marly.  You’ll see Pet Minion Dave once more before the season ends.  Heck, the next time you two see each other, it just may be a special evening…. Looks like you’ve also developed quite a bond with other mascot friends Sourdough Sam, the SF 49ers mascot, and the Mariner Moose.  .  Just keep the Mariner Moose away from Sammy.  Sammy isn’t very fond of the Moose’s favorite NFL football team…

Game Night, 9/24/2014, Time To Lock Up the NL West…

It’s Game Night !  Win tonight over the hated ones, and the Dodgers are the 2014 NL West Champions !  Of course, we had to bring our lucky  Pet Minion Dave…

MALRZ_DAVE1 Our lucky Pet Minion Dave, reunited with his Uncle Marly.  Looks like Uncle Marly has his game face on tonight…

DAVE_MARLY2 These two mischievous characters could not be more so alike if they tried.  As the evening went along, Dave’s Uncle Marly , Kid Marly Marlz, would bring up the great time they had with Drei and JJ    at PNC Park in San Diego…

Drei: PNC Park ?

Marly: Where we went in San Diego ?

JJ: That’s PETCO Park ! 

Drei:  C’mon Marlz !!!  Get your yard straight !!! 

Speaking of JJ, as the game cruised through 4, Kid and Drei  would surprise JJ, with the help of all fellow Dodgers fans in Upper Reserve 60…

Nothing beats being serenaded on your birthday at the old ballgame, right ?

Moving right along, with the game tied at 1 heading to the 6th, and Kershaw giving an MVP like performance, our lucky Pet Minion Dave and Marly Marlz , for some reason or another, get separated. But first, Kershaw’s MVP performance…

Drei: Yo Marlz, where’s Dave ?

Marlz: I thought you had him

Drei: Don’t tell me you lost Dave !

Marlz: C’mon Drei, he couldn’t have gone far…

Drei: How the ( insert word here) do you lose our Lucky Pet Minion ?

Marlz: Sorry Drei !  C’mon, let’s go find him…

Just as the top half of the 6th concludes, game still tied at one, we finally find our Lucky Pet Minion Dave.

Drei: Marlz, you gotta take better care of Dave .  Remember, he’s your favorite uncle…

As it turns out, Minion Dave was hiding in the seat in front of us.  Dave had us all worried there for a minute.  Minion Dave has been a lucky charm for us, albeit a mischievous lucky charm…

The Start of The Magic of Pet Minion Dave, or Should We Say, Rally Minion Dave ?

Now that Kid and Drei have found our Lucky Pet Minion Dave, A Cuban Missile is ready to lead off the home half of the 6th, game tied at one, and a division title at stake.  After falling behind on the count 0 and 2…

The solo shot by Puig would give the Dodgers a 2-1 lead.  The Blue would go on to add 3 more runs in the home 6th, and with 9 outs to go for an NL West crown, the Blue finds itself up 5-1.  The Giants failed to score in the top half of the 7th, and now, it’s time to stretch, with Minion Dave and Uncle Marly leading the way…

If the hated ones did not have enough of Puig, Gregor Blanco would learn in the top 8th to never run on a Cuban Missile…

Once again, never run on a Cuban Missile.  Hey Blanco…

What Happened ? (  The snippet courtesy of Jason with his band Red Sun .  More from the JDozer and his band later…)

You may have noticed all this good fortune for the Dodgers has been happening since Kid Marly Marlz and Dodger Drei found our Pet Minion Dave.  Drei is starting to think he could be our, dare Drei say it… Rally Minion for the playoffs ? 

During the home 8th, as the Dodgers are en route to tacking 4 more runs to their already comfortable lead, with Drei calls the action for Ander Ethier.  Dre hasn’t been able to call much action lately for Dre, with Dre being used mostly as a role player these days yet taking it in stride . Kid Marly Marlz and Minion Dave are really enjoying each other now…

Top 9 now, Dodgers up 9-1.  Wow, 8 runs since our favorite little Pet Minion Dave turned back up.  Drei is really starting to feel Dave’s magic.  With one out to go ’til we clinch the NL West, here’s what it was like from our section, Kid Marly Marlz and Minion Dave leading Reserve 60 with the BUBBLES !!! 

Our 2014 NL WEST Champions….

OK, maybe it wasn’t just the magic of Minion Dave that helped.  But hey, makes for a nice light-hearted tale, right ?

DODGER_DAVE The birth of a Rally Minion in the making folks ?  Dave certainly looks cute in Drei’s old worn Dodger hat.  October baseball is coming.  Dave is excited !!!

Oh yeah.  The 2014 season was definitely a fun season.  Like any baseball season with 162, it had it’s ups and downs, just like any great roller coaster ride.  October baseball awaits.  If all goes well, this ride will go through late October…

 VIEJOS_BUBBLES JJ, Kid Marly Marlz and DodgerDrei.  We may be ” Viejos”, especially the one on the right, but hey, no one is ever to old to play with bubbles…

MARLZ_BUBBLES Our Lucky Pet Minion Dave and his favorite uncle, Kid Marly Marlz, leading The Foam Party up in Reserve 60.  As Always Kid… 

Once a Kid… Always a Kid… Forever a Kid… Kid at Heart





Not the greatest of video quality, but hey, it’s our nonetheless, and we we’re there to witness it !!!  From high up in the right field reserve level, our 2014 NL West Champion Los Angeles Dodgers !!! 

It certainly was quite another season.  One that started in another continent.  One that started off slowly .  For the 2nd straight season the Dodgers would show that the NL West race would not be a runaway in spite what many predicted.  For the 2nd straight season, the Dodgers would find themselves as far back as 9.5 games.  It’s amazing the short memories the so-called experts have, apparently not aware or dismissing last season’s story which also found the Dodgers as far back as 9.5 games.  I’m sure many of you remember this from the good folks of ESPN’s Baseball Tonight… 

You may even remember this piece from Bob Nightengale of USA Today , calling out the Dodgers on their team chemistry, or lack thereof, to which some amateur blogger here responded… Team Chemistry Issues. Nothing New Here .  Coincidence or not, the Dodgers would go 17-7 after this amateur bloggers rebuttal regarding the over-emphasis of team chemistry.   There we’re also those that we’re on the verge of running Matt Kemp out of town, and once again, some amateur blogger here asked, what’s with Our Love/Hate Relationship With Matt Kemp ?  That all seems like a well distant memory now, doesn’t it ?  

It was quite a ride for all of us once again.  Rightfully, many of us feel that Clayton Kershaw should not only be the Cy Young Award winner but the baseball’s MVP as well .  

But, and I may get some debate for this.  This is still Matt Kemp’s team.  Kemp may not be the player he was just 3 season’s ago, but his 2nd half performance has re-affirmed that Matt’s swag is back.  Kershaw may, no, Kershaw is our MVP, but it’s Matt that will be playing starting in every game through late October ( Yes, I’m saying it right now folks….LATE OCTOBER ! )    I’ve said it before, I’ll keep saying it into late October… Lead the Way For Us Bison !!!  You, Kershaw, and Dre have been here before, Drei here says… THE TIME IS NOW !!!  

Baseball in October.

 ” It’s The Most, Wonderful Time of the Year…” 


9th Inning From Drei …

DA BOYZ With My Boyz of Summer, Kid Marly Marlz and JJ, at PETCO Park, 8/31/2014.  Ready for October baseball boyz ?


Magic Number Fun Fact…1


Pee Wee Reese.

Pee Wee Reese would hold down the shortstop position for the Flatbush Bums from 1940-57 and for The Blue Crews inaugural season in 1958. He would beb part of Brooklyn’s lone World Champion team in 1955 as well as the Dodgers first World Championship in Los Angeles as a coach in 1959.

Pee Wee Reese and Jackie Robinson

One to go folks !!!

Remember if you’re going to the game to wear your blue !!!

Extra Innings
Its all quiet right now at The Ravine, where legends live forever… Roy Campanella, ” Hey Pee Wee, I hear there’s going to be a foam party here tomorrow night…” Pee Wee Reese, ” Lawrence Well is going to be here tomorrow ? “….

Dodgers…Giants…1993, 103 Wins and Not a Wild Scene In The Bay

1993.  Not exactly a memorable season for the Blue.  The 1993 Dodgers would finish at .500 , 81-81, an 18 game improvement from 1992’s 63-99 showing, their worst in L.A. franchise history and the first ( and LAST ) time the Dodgers would finish in last place since 1905.  The 1993 season would mark Barry Bond’s first season with the hated ones after 7 seasons in Pittsburgh, with his final moment in a Bucs uniform coming in Game 7 of the 1992 NLCS as he was unable to throw out the speedster Sid Bream .  As the Braves would continue their yearly post-season run that would last until 2005 ( In the process dulling their fan base ) , the Pirates would go into a 20 year tailspin .  

In the meantime, the 1993 season would be the last season for baseball’s 2 division format.  That meant that even if you we’re baseball’s 2nd best team, if you we’re 2nd best in your division as well, that meant no October baseball.  Imagine a team winning 103 games and missing out on post-season play ?  Under today’s 2 team wild card format, that would be all but impossible today.

However, in 1993, one team that would win 103 games was on the outside looking in.  Yup, it was the San Francisco Giants.  Heading into the seasons final four games at Dodger Stadium, the NL West would come down between the Giants and the Atlanta Braves before divisional re-alignment took place . ( The baseball lords finally got their geography right.  When division play started in 1969, the Cubs and Cardinals we’re placed in the NL East, while the Reds and Braves we’re placed in the NL West ) .  The Giants, led by first year manager and former Dodger Dusty Baker, started the season hot behind the huge off-season acquisition of Barry Bonds.  The Giants had lead the NL West by as many as 9 games ( Sound familiar Dodger fans ? ) as late as July.  The Braves, coming off back to back NL pennants, we’re to good to fold and would eventually take over 1st place in the NL West.  The Giants would right themselves and after taking the first 3 games of the seasons final four at Chavez Ravine, the Braves and Giants would find themselves tied for the NL West lead heading into their final games of the season.  Some have called the 1993 NL West race the The Last Real Race .  In the context of today’s wild-card format, a true argument can be made of that.

So now, let Drei here take you back to that final game of the 1993 season .  October 3, 1993.  Earlier in the day, the Braves had defeated the first year expansion Colorado Rockies to ensure they would be playing at least one more game.  The Braves win would force the Giants into a win or go home situation, 103 wins and all.  Win, and the Braves and Giants play a one-game playoff the next evening at Candlestick Park to determine the NL West winner.  Lose, and the Giants, 103 wins and all, like the other 24 teams, start an early winter .  

As for Drei here, I was long aware of the fact this game meant nothing in the standings.  But for Drei and the many blue clad fans in the southland that day, this game WAS our World Series.  For the old-schoolers, this was to ease the pain of ’51 and ’62.  For us baby boomers of the early 90s, this was to ease the pain of  Joe Morgan’s home run in 1982 and Will Clark’s boastfulness in 1991 .  Would there be any dramatic finishes to this 1993 finale between The Blue and the Hated Ones ?  Hardly…

On this day, it would be the Dodgers who would do more than play the role of spoilers.  Backed by 2 home runs by Mike Piazza, who would win the 1993 NL Rookie of the Year honors, it would be the Dodgers driving a stake into the hearts of San Francisco, breaking many hearts in The City By The Bay.  Division re-alignment and the addition of the Central Division in both leagues would occur the following season in 1994, as well as the Wild Card format.  But on this day in 1993, the 103 win Giants squad would  spend the post-season like the other 24 teams, watching the post-season, much to the delight of this then 19 year old fan.  Many a Giants fans heart would be left broken… In San Francisco….  ( Is it too obvious a Dodgers fan is writing this ?) Of course our stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley would be proud to remind the folks of Northern California as she would serenade everyone with Tony Bennet’s classic tune after the game’s final out…

San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers Piazza being greeted at home by Tim Wallach after crushing his second home run of the game that would knock the 103 win Giants team out of the playoffs


wpid-img_3421357097977.jpeg A BIG HAPPY 30TH to The Bison !!!  Was it 2 months ago that many of you out there had a Love/Hate Relationship with Matt ?  Nothing like a great 2nd half run to quiet all doubters huh ?  As we head toward the post-season, I’ll say it once more.  This is STILL your team Matt !!!  Time for The Bison to take charge !  HAPPY 30TH Matt !!!


wpid-img_16571948723949.jpeg After last night’s gut-wrenching 5-2 loss in 13 to the Giants , the magic number to clinch the NL West remains at 3.  Zack Greinke takes his perfect 4-0 record against the Giants to the mound for The Blue as he matches up against Madison Bumgarner in The Blue’s attempt to cut the magic number down to one.


wpid-img_20140916_222740.jpg Time to Turn L.A. BLUE !!!



Magic Number Fun Facts…3

wpid-screenshot_2014-09-21-21-09-47-1.png Steve Sax

Steve Sax, also know to many as Saxie, would don the Dodger Blue from 1981-88 .  During his 8 seasons with the Dodgers, Sax would be the last of 4 consecutive Dodgers Rookie of the Year winners from 1979-82.  Sax would be nominated to the All-Star game as a Dodger in 1982, ’83 and ’86.  A solid fixture at 2nd base, Sax of course will always be remembered for his defensive misfortunes in 1983, the season he committed 30 errors.  Pedro Guerrero, not exactly a handiest 3rd baseman either before returning to left field, once said ” First I pray to God that nobody hits the ball to me.  Then I pray to God that no one hits the ball to Steve Sax ”  

Other Dodgers to Wear Number 3

Willie Davis

Alex Cora

Cesar Izturis

and currently…


Down Memory Lane With Dre, 2004

Of all Dodgers/Giants games I’ve attended in over 30 years, this of course is without a doubt my most memorable.  With the slam by Steve Finley, the Dodgers would win their first division title in 9 years , and their first in a non-strike season since 1988.  

FERNIE On this day, 1986, Fernando Valenzuela would win his 20th game, beating the Houston Astros at the Astrodome 9-2, becoming the first Mexican born pitcher to win 20 games in the bigs.  Thank you Dodgers-LowDown !!!  For all your Dodger fun facts and Dodger related news, follow the Dodgers-LowDown on their facebook page.  Tell them Drei here sent you !!!  

DLD_9222014 Round 1 of 3 begins tonight, with Dan Haren taking on Jake Peavy at The Ravine.  The Dodgers are coming off a 4 game series against the Cubs in which they took 3 of 4, with the bullpen by committee doing just enough yesterday as the offense lifted the Blue over the Cubs 8-5.  Haren, who was originally slated to start yesterday, was held back so that he could start tonight’s huge game against the hated ones as the Blue looks to move one step closer to clinching another NL West title.  The Giants come into Dodger Stadium limping, having been swept over the weekend in San Diego by the Padres.

wpid-img_20140916_222740.jpg Just a reminder, the Dodgers want a Blue Out for these 3 games against the hated ones !!!  Time for a DODGER BLUE OUT !!!   


The Effects a Dodger Blue Foam Party Leaves Behind


On Sunday, 8/31, after the Dodgers took down the Friars, some of you may remember Drei here taking Kid Marly Malrz to Park at the Park…


It was out there where Kid Marly Marlz threw what’s become a familiar sight from Chavez Ravine down Southern California,  a Dodger Foam Party !  Perhaps some of the Dodger Foam Party bubble magic carried over this past weekend as The Blue would get some help down south as the Friars would sweep the hated ones !!! 


With the sweep, the Dodgers magic number is now reduced to 3 .  Power of the Foam Party magic bubbles left over in Petco ?  JJ and Kid seem to think so….


Drei’s new “best buddy”.  The Swingin’ Friar…..



Its time to turn L.A. BLUE !!!

Magic Number Fun Fact…5

In spite of a strong start powered by 2 Adrian Gonzalez home runs driving in 5 runs, the Dodgers were unable to hold onto a 7-2 lead at Wrigley Field, falling late to the Cubs 8-7. In spite of the loss, the Giants would also lose as well, dropping the magic number to clinch the NL West to 5.

Earliest Possible Clinch Date, Tuesday , 9/23 against the Giants…

Magic Number Fun Fact …5

image Mike Marshall

Mike Marshall would play with the Dodgers from 1981-1988 mostly in right field. Though he would always be remembered for never reaching his full potential, once missing a game due to ” general soreness ” , Mike Marshall would have one of his finest seasons in 1988, leading the team in RBI’s with 82 ( Kirk Gibson finished behind Marshall ), also driving in 8 during the 1988 playoffs, including a huge 3 run home run in Game 2 of the World Series , as the Dodgers behind another masterful performance behind Orel Hershiser would shut out the heavily favored Oakland A’s, 6-0 , to take a commanding 2 games to none lead up to Oakland.

Other Dodgers to Wear Number 5

Jim LeFebvre
Dave Hansen
Hee-Drop Choi
Omar Garciaparra
image Juan Uribe

Extra Innings


Its Minion Dave !!!  Dave is a big Dodger fan !  Dave is really excited that his favorite baseball team is coming back home, stsrting with a huge 3 game series with the Giants !!!

When Minion Dave is not causing mischief at a theatre near you or some theme park on a hill, Dave can be seen catching his favorite baseball team at Chavez Ravine with his favorite Boys of Summer.


Its Dave and Da Boyz, JJ and Kid Marly Marlz !!!  You know what, Drei here is just gonna call you guys, Da Boyz of Summer .  Except this time its JJ on the left and our favorite pet minion Dave who will put up with the mischievous nature of Kid Marly Marlz… ( Hey Kid, your mischivious nature has sure made a lot of headlines in Drei’s blogs this summer… ) .

Wait.  Did I just say that Kid Marly Marlz is mischivious ?  Why he and Dave would make really good friends at least in this tale…


Why these two could not be so much alike if they even tried. Do you miss your Boyz, Dave ? They’ll be back home tomorrow night .

Kid Marlz will be happy to see you too, Dave. ( So thats where Drei’s old doo-rag went …) . What’s that Dave, you want The Kid to be decked out in all his blue ? Well…

image Our boys are calling for a Dodger Blue Out ! It sure would be quite a sight to see all of Chavez Ravine decked in blue with the hated ones coming in this week… One Team….One City…One Color…BLUE…DODGER BLUE !!!

Magic Number Fun Facts…8 , and Dre’s First Taste of a Long Rivalry

ROSEBORO Johnny Roseboro

Johnny Roseboro would spend 11 seasons behind the dish donning the Dodger Blue from their final year in Brooklyn in 1957 through 1967.  He would play in 4 World Series teams in 1959, 19963, 1965 and 1966, with the Dodgers winning in all but 1966.  Roseboro would hit a key home run in Game 1 of the 1963 World Series off Yankees starter Whitey Ford as the Dodgers behind 15 strikeouts from Sandy Koufax would take Game 1 of the 1963 World Series in New York en route to a 4 game sweep of the Yankees.

Of course, when Johnny Roseboro is mentioned to a Dodger fan who knows their history, or any baseball fan of great historic knowledge, they always think of this incident with Juan Marichal at Candlestick Park on August 22, 1965…


Being the Dodger fan that I am, when I first learned of this incident as a kid sometime in the 80’s, as my ” hatred ” toward baseball teams in Halloween colors developed, I couldn’t help but to hate Juan Marichal.  In fact, one would think it’s our duty as Dodger fans to hate the Black and Orange .  Here’s an account of what happened on that Sunday afternoon in Candlestick Park on August 22, 1965 from Bob Costas and longtime Dodger nemesis Juan Marichal…

As Drei here would get older and have a greater appreciation of the game ( That’s not to say my hatred toward the Jints has died down…LOL ) , I would have a better understanding of the story behind that gruesome Sunday afternoon in 1965.  As the years passed by and time would heal the wounds, Roseboro and Marichal would eventually bury the hatchet and become close friends. 


Juan Marichal would miss making it to the Hall of Fame in his first two attempts after retiring from the game in 1975, ironically with the Dodgers.  It’s been said that the incident with Roseboro had a lot to do with the writers leaving him out of Cooperstown.  It’s also been said that Roseboro played an important role with helping Marichal reach the HOF in 1982, asking the writers to forgive Marichal for what happened in 1965.  When Johnny Roseboro passed away in 2002, Juan Marichal was asked to deliver a eulogy during Roseboro’s funeral.  In the end, the story of Johnny Roseboro and Juan Marichal became  A Story of Forgiveness and Redemption .

Other Dodgers Who Wore Number 8

Reggie Smith

Mark Grudzielanek

Olmedo Saenz

Shane Victorino ( If only for a cup of coffee, if that folks…)

Looking Back at 1982, A Daunting Memory and My First Taste of a Rivalry

Earlier this evening , as the Dodgers we’re trailing 4-1 heading into the 6th, with the last 2 losses at Colorado by wide margins still fresh on my mind, I couldn’t help but think could this be 3 in a row for the Blue ?  This certainly is not the right time to go into a tailspin.  This took me back to my childhood once again in 1982.  The Dodgers , 3 up  in the NL West over the Braves with 10 to play, would pick a bad time to go on a losing streak, losing 8 in a row ( the streak had started before the 153rd game ), until finally defeating the Braves in the final home game of the season before heading up north ( yup ) for a key 3 game series with the hated ones.  By then, the Dodgers had fallen one game behind Atlanta for the west and we’re in a 2nd place tie with the Giants. 

The Dodgers would take the first two games at Candlestick, with future Dodger broadcaster  Rick Monday hitting an 8th inning Grand Slam in the Friday night matchup en route to a 4-0 victory, and a 15-2 whitewash the following Saturday afternoon.  Unfortunately, the Braves would win their first 2 in San Diego, leaving the Dodgers still 1 back of the Georgians heading to the final game of the season.  Needing to win and some help from our neighbors down south, the Dodgers would get that help as the Padres would defeat the Braves.  Beat the Giants, and a one game playoff for the division takes place the next day.  However, it was not meant to be as Joe Morgan would give this kid his first taste of a long and storied rivalry, one that continues to this day…

Morgan_Clark Joe Morgan being greeted by Jack Clark at home plate as Terry Forster looks out toward right field in disbelief.  Jack Clark would inflict more pain 3 years later as a Cardinal.  ( Why do I put myself through this kind of pain ? )

MARLZ_JOSE Back at it with The Boyz of Summer, Kid Marly Marls and JJ.  Uh-huh.  Yeah, of course you two were not around in ’82 and were still in the crib in ’85 so you wouldn’t know the pain Viejo here would go through. But do you guys remember this from 1988…

1988 Yeah, I’m sure you remember what happened in 1988 when you two were, 5 ?  OK, it has been 26 years and we’re long overdue….





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