The Magic of Baseball Among African Americans and a Mini Puig Sighting in Westwood

Another interesting read focuses on the state of the game among African-Americans, this time from beat writer Terence Moore, who feels Magic Johnson dispels myths that blacks aren’t into baseball . That, of course, is still debatable. Here’s an excerpt from his latest read…

” Let’s start with Williamsport, Pa., where a totally African-American team from Chicago is competing in the Little League World Series. Not only that, the star of the whole event so far is a 13-year-old Philadelphia girl, Mo’ne Davis, who throws a baffling slider when she isn’t frustrating hitters with 70 mph fastballs. “

Speaking of Mo’ne Davis

Perhaps we will see Mo’ne in the bigs some day ? I really hope so. Baseball integrated players of all colors , why not integrate the two genders ? If she has the ability to hurl a 95 MPH fastball in 10 years or prior, I say, Why Not ? In the meantime, Mo’ne has issued a pitchoff challenge to Clayton Kershaw .

Yasiel or Kobe ?


Perhaps this piece on Yasiel Puig may greatly influence your decision on what to name your newborn child, assuming it’s a boy. You will also be glad to know that the name Kobe increased in popularity in 1997 after some HS kid named Kobe was thrust right into the spotlight of another storied L.A. franchise…

KOBE This will be Kobe’s 19th season donning the Purple and Gold. At 35, Kobe says in basketball years he is 70 . I’d say that’s a good way of analyzing any professional athlete north of 30. Even at 70 basketball years, I think most teams would still clamor for your service Kobe …

Mini Puig Sighting in Westwood

For those of you who have followed my past Mini Puig posts, today, the Mini one pays a visit to the home of The Sons of Westwood, where he pays homage to another great who donned not only the Dodger Blue but also the Blue and Gold..

Puig_Jackie Paying homage to Jackie Robinson at the UCLA Athletics Hall of Fame .

Puig_VictoryBell Oh yeah. Gotta love the sight of The Victory Bell in Bruin Blue, 2 years in a row !!! Looks like our Mini Puig is calling for an 8-Clap !!! It’s almost that time of year folks where we do double-duty !!!

hundley With Brett Hundley during the Beat SC bonfire back in November. Mr. Heisman ? This is going to be a big year for The Mighty Bruins. I’ll have to get Mini Puig to pose with you at the next Beat SC bonfire…

Regular Season Head to Head vs. Playoff Head to Head

Interesting read in today’s Dodger Insider regarding the significance, or lack of, between regular season and post-season head to head matchups.


For those of you who may be in a panic over the Blue Crew’s 1-5 mark against the Brew Crew after being swept this weekend, as you can see from past playoff match-ups listed above, the regular season is not always a true indicator of how teams match up in the post-season, ESPECIALLY, in baseball, where 162 games are played and any team, no matter how good, can look bad during a slump against anyone, no matter how bad the opponent is. Lets take a look at recent history going back to 2008.

In 2008 and 2009, the Dodgers had 2-5 regular season records against the Cardinals and Cubs. Dodgers swept both teams in the NLDS 3 games to none. Let’s look at last season. The Braves had our number in the regular season. What did it matter come playoff time ?

“How do the Dodgers and Braves matchup ? During the regular season the Boys from Georgia took 5 of 7 against the Boys in Blue however it should be noted that 3 of those wins came during a 3 game sweep in Atlanta during the Dodgers rough start, injuries had still crippled the team and that included the loss of Hanley Ramirez. “

My words from last season’s preview of the NLDS matchup with the Braves . I’m sure you all remember who came out on top.

“The Dodgers had a slight edge over the Cardinals in the regular season, winning 4 out of 7, with the visiting teams winning their respective series. How much of an advantage either team may have on one another, who knows ? So how do the Dodgers and Cardinals matchup heading into the NLCS ? We do know that this time around both teams will be coming into this series at their best unlike during the regular season, when the Cards took 2 of 3 at Dodger Stadium back in May as the Dodgers we’re still mired in their early season funk and the Dodgers took 3 of 4 at Busch Stadium in early August when the Dodgers we’re at the height of their post all-star break run while the Red Birds we’re experiencing a swoon of their own having lost 13 of 18 during that stretch…..”

Once again, My words from last season’s preview of the NLCS . Unfortunately, we still remember the end result there. My point, fellow Dodger fans, is that there are a number of factors as to why the regular season means ABSOLUTELY NOTHING when teams cross paths come playoff time. Injuries, a team slump, among other numerous factors, could have and all likely play a key role as to why certain teams dominate other teams in the regular season. Let’s also not forget, in a 162 game season, even the best teams lose at least 60 games. Let’s also not forget no matter how good a team is, every team is prone to losing streaks as well. I’ll say it again folks, no matter how good a team is, anyone can go cold at any point in the season even against some bad teams. Also ask yourself, is 6 games out of 162 really a true indicator of how one matches up against each other ? I think not.

Let’s also go back to a decade far far away, the 80s. During the 1983 season, the Dodgers dominated the season series against the Phillies taking 11 games out of 12. Come playoff time, the Phillies entered the NLCS having won 25 of their final 32 while the Dodgers limped into the NL West title. In the 1983 NLCS, it was the Wheeze Kids , a lineup of Pete Rose, Tony Perez, Joe Morgan, Steve Carlton, and Mike Schmidt, at 34 being the youngest of that bunch, and a hot bat from Gary Matthews that would do the Dodgers in.

Flash forward to 1988. This time it was the Dodgers who we’re in the short end of a regular season matchup, as the Mets, 2 years removed from their 1986 triumph and a possible dynasty in the making, who had taken 10 of 11 from the Dodgers in the regular season. The Mets, led by Doc Gooden’s arm and Darryl Strawberry’s bat, we’re heavy favorites to beat the Dodgers in the NLCS. But the Dodgers defied all odds in a series that would go the full 7 games, and well, you know what happened …

So there you have it. The regular season is a marathon. The playoffs are a whole different beast.

Dre_88trophy It’s been 26 years. Is 2014 the year we party like it’s 1988 ?

Pre Game Sights , 8/17/2014

With the Brewers in town,  here’s a classic Bob Uecker clip. ..

Bob Uecker’s “Front Row” commercial:


I must be in the front row…

During Viva Los Dodgers…


MC HanRam !


HanRam taking the dance floor with this young fan…


Pregame entertainment …


Pregame course from the Top Deck


Old Glory proudly flying her colors…


One of the feature good items with the Brewers in town


In honor of Cuban Heritage Day


Super Dodger Dog/ Media Noche combo.  Perhaps their best of all their themed super dogs…


The Dodgers look to avoid a 3 game sweep to the Brewers who at the moment are one half a game behind the Dodgers for the best NL record.  Dan Haren takes the mound for the Blue today.  Haren has won his last two decisions, giving up 2 or fewer runs in each game.

Saturday In The Park


Its Saturday afternoon.  Mini Puig is back !  Today he goes through a Saturday Stroll through nearby Echo Park before tonights game with the Milwaukee Brewers .

Saturday In The Park


Its Saturday afternoon.  Mini Puig is back !  Today he goes through a Saturday Stroll through nearby Echo Park before tonights game with the Milwaukee Brewers .

Sitting Pretty Atop The West


With today’s 6-4 win over the slumping Braves, the Dodgers finish off their 7 game road trip with a 4-3 mark.  The Dodgers grabbed an early 5-0 lead before nearly letting the Braves come back as they would narrow it down to a one run lead at 5-4 as Brian Wilson’s 8th inning struggles continues .

Adrian Gonzalez would provide an insurance run in the 9th with his 3rd RBI of the game,  doubling home Dee Gordon, who reached base 4 times and would cross the dish 4 times as well.

Liking The Back End m

3 of the 4 wins came from back end starters Dan Haren and Roberto Hernandez with the 3rd coming from newly acquired Kevin Coreia. Thst is now 2 straight starts by both Haren and Hernandez where each starter has allowed 2 runs or less through 6 plus innings. That is what you like to see from the back end of any rotation . Hopefully Haren has withstood his mid-season swoon. I’m also starting to think we got a really good bargain in the Hernandez trade with Philadelphia.

Don’t Worry Baby ?

The words uttered by Brian WIlson. “Everything will turn out all right…” . Who is Dre fooling ? I know you’re, ok, most of you north of 35 years of age, know those words are from Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys. With another outing like the one today, I am really starting to have my doubts about the one-time feared one. ” Well its been building up inside of me for, oh I don’t know how long ?… Don’t Worry Baby. Everything will turn out allright….” . Or we can only hope …

Throwback Thursday

Escaped the Ted unscathed. Not a single tomahawk could get in Dre’s way …

Ballparks, Bytes and Bites, Cruising The OC, 8/7/2014

With Kid Marly Marlz, and Dre , aka Kid and Dre , ( How original huh ? )


Featuring Kid Marly Marlz


In another addition to the blog, I’ve added this new feature that i’ve decided to call Ballparks, Bytes and Bites. Ballparks, because much of Kid and Dre’s hijinx take place in a ballpark, Bytes, because, again, Kid and Dre’s video bytes, among other attempts at either broadcast or entertainment, come from the old ballpark, and Bites, to feature and review where Kid Marlz and I go for a pre or post-game bite. Dre does the reviews, and Kid Marlz, who you will see more of than Dre, well, he acts the part as, well, The Kid. ( Or is he really acting ? Because after all, to be Kid Marlz, he gotta have some, ok, a lot of, well, Kid at Heart…) You could say it’s a spin from Food Networks Diners Drive-Ins and Dives. Only the personalities involved here are much friendlier and non-pretentious and hopefully a lot funnier ( We do try folks…)

Today, we find ourselves cruising through the OC on the way to see our Boys in Blue take on the Angels in Anaheim on this Thursday evening. Before we find ourselves in Anaheim, The Kid decides he wants to try out Sonic since he’s seen the commercials but has never been ( Neither had Dre for that matter, because the only Sonic in L.A. County to Dre’s knowledge is over in Azusa ). So we venture to the one in Fullerton by the 57 Freeway. Oh yeah, just a thought for you ballpark travelers. If you plan to catch an Angels game in Anaheim during the week and you’re staying in L.A., you may want to plan on spending the day somewhere in Orange County. The traffic, no matter what route you decide to use, can really test your patience . ( Thank You Kid Marlz for putting up with it ! )

Bites… Sonic


As we finally arrive at Sonic, we see that this is your classic car-hop type drive-in, where you place your order through a speaker and servers in roller skates deliver your food. We opted for the outdoor patio. The food really wasn’t the greatest, I had the double bacon cheeseburger, which I thought was really lacking in flavor, but the shakes that we had we’re a big hit. I tried out the chocolate jalapeno shake, which wasn’t bad at all, and not too spicy either. Kid Marlz, (in a moment you’ll see why we call him The Kid) well, he enjoyed his strawberry cheesecake shake. While we we’re at Sonic, a couple of the Angels rival mascots found their way toward the kid…

Marlz_Mascots1 Well Marlz, it looks like you’ve made some new buddies there with Stomper, the Oakland A’s mascot, and The Mariner Moose . Of course our unofficial mascot, The Dodger Dog had to join them…


MarlzMoose4 Whoa Marlz, easy on The Moose’s Antlers…

MarlzMoose3 Aw. Marlz is sharing his shake with The Moose…

Marlz_Mascots2 You really are having the time of your life with your new furry friends aren’t you kid ?

Marlz_DodgerDog2 Of course Kid Marlz loves his Dodger Dog…

As for the dining experience at Sonic, the shakes we’re good. The rest, well… I’ll just say go for the shakes. ( You’ll all be glad to know no animals we’re harmed and the Moose’s antlers are still in one piece…)

Ballpark…Angel Stadium, 8/7/2014 . Dodgers vs. Angels

BigA Gotta give it the proper look …

Bud_Clydes Hey look, it’s the Budweiser Clydesdales !!!

Marlz_Clydes OK Marlz, you really gonna take all that beer ? ( In the meantime, Dre is having a friendly wager with the King of Clydesdales that come October it will be the Dodgers not the Cardinals repping the NL in this years World Series…

KidDreEntrance Turning The OC Blue !!!

Bytes… From the upper reaches of Angel Stadium, Matt Kemp at The Plate.

In the beginning of this byte, listen for an Angel fan behind me that doesn’t care for Matt’s or perhaps, my presence… How does Matt do in this at bat ? Also, The Kid discusses the 3 B’s in this at bat. Bison, Brew, and Bubbles !!! ( Bubbles ? )

Ballparks, Bytes and Bites from Andre Ojeda on Vimeo.

Speaking of bubbles, perhaps you may have heard the big fuss last week over the now infamous bubble machine . It appears that as of now, the bubble machine will not be going away anytime soon, as seen here after A.J. Ellis’ home run in Milwaukee during Sunday’s 5-1 win over the Brewers…

Of course, we always have our own bubble to blow as well, right kid ?

kid_bubbles Once a Kid…Always a Kid…Forever a Kid…Kid at Heart

And on this Thursday August evening, the Dodgers, behind a 2 hit 7 inning performance by Hyun-Jin Ryu, would put out the Halo 7-0, taking 3 of 4 in the freeway series .

I hope you’ve all enjoyed this first edition of Ballparks, Bytes and Bites. Next up, we go from The Ravine to the
West 626…

TurningITBlue Taking out the red and turning The OC Blue. ‘Til the next episode…

Turning Out The Halo….Smoke and Bubbles

ryu_angels With yesterday’s 7-0 win over the Angels in Anaheim, for the first time since 2006 the Dodgers take the season series against the Angels, winning 3 of 4 including both games at Angel Stadium.

All four starters in the series, Greinke, Kershaw, Haren and Ryu worked 7 innings or more in each game, giving the bullpen some much needed rest. Jansen would work in games 2 and 3, earning a save in game 3.

During the 4 game series, 2 games we’re decided handily while 2 we’re decided by one run, both won by the Dodgers. Perhaps the biggest win in the series had to be Dan Haren’s win in Anaheim . After losing 5 straight decisions in which he carried an E.R.A. over 10, Dan Haren pitched what was without a doubt his most clutch performance of the season . This came after the Angels had scored a total of 8 runs off Haren and Kershaw in the 2 games at Dodger Stadium.

Puig Giving Lessons

In the Monday night loss to the Angels, during the 8th inning Albert Pujols taught Yasiel Puig a hard and deserved lesson when he tagged up from first base after Puig casually made a one handed catch of an outfield fly without paying attention to his presence. Hopefully, Puig has learned his lesson there, and yes folks, with such talent like his, come the growing pains. However, Puig would return the favor in Anaheim in more ways than one…

So, I guess you could say it was Puig and the Dodgers giving the the Halos a thing or two to learn about them as well

Blowing Some Smoke over Bubbles ?

BubbleMachine1 By now, you’ve all become accustomed to seeing home run and victory celebrations with what has now become the infamous bubble machine. Apparently, MLB is enforcing a ban on the bubble machine for no apparent reason. Silly isn’t it. I always thought baseball was a kids game and in this game a kids game played by grown men having fun playing, what’s that? A KIDS GAME !!!!

So last night in Angel Stadium, I took it upon myself to spread some of those celebratory bubbles among the Dodger Blue Faithful who we’re out in full force at Angel Stadium…

Bubbles_Dre Thank You @DodgerDisciples , who you can follow on instagram

Even this grown kid couldn’t help himself…

kid_bubbles Yup, for those who have followed my posts the entire time, it’s Kid Marly Marlz once again ….

As I was going around my sections in the 9th inning blowing away, it wasn’t so much the Dodger fans who we’re enjoying our bubble party. Even the little ones, dressed in their Angel red attire, we’re having the time of their lives with their parents, some who asked for me to blow the bubbles to their little Angels. Yeah, kids of all ages, and on this evening, Blue and Red, all as one, having fun at a kids game blowing bubbles . Did I mention that this was a kids game and kids all ages we’re having fun with the presence of bubbles while at , what ? A kid’s game ? So to the front office of MLB and Joe Torre, who seems to be losing his legacy these days among Dodger fans, LIGHTEN UP !!! QUIT BLOWING SMOKE ON OUR BUBBLES !!!

BubbleMachine2 What’s wrong with grown men acting like kids playing a kids game ?

Have you enjoyed my blogs ? When you get a chance, you will also want to check out Dodgers Blue Heaven for other Dodger related items and interests.

Looking to Take The Freeway Series


Dan Haren did more than what we could have expected last night,  turning in without a doubt his most clutch performance of the season , pitching 7 1/3 innings and allowing only 1 run in the Dodgers 2-1 win over the Halos in Anaheim.   Hyun-Jin Ryu takes the mound tonight as the Blue is I’m position to take 3 of 4 from their neighbors down I-5.  In the last the games,  Dodger starters have pitched 21 1/3 innings,  giving the bullpen some much needed rest.

Blowing Bubbles to Blowing Smoke

Check out @latimes’s Tweet:

So MLB wants to ban the Dodgers use of the now popular bubble machine.   The one you’ve seen each time a Dodger homers.   What will they ban next, excessive cheering ?  This sends like a lot of smoke blowing out of headquarters if you ask me…


Keep the bubbles flowing boys ….

Dre’s Baseball Themed Filled Birthday

Yesterday was a special day for me as Dre here has turned the Big 4-0 ! To celebrate, of course my big day would have to have a Dodger Blue theme, right ? To start off the day, the lil’ bro and I did the Dodger Stadium tour , which starts off in the Top Deck. TopDeck View from the Top Deck before the tour. Gotta love that view !

The tour would take us through the Vin Scully Press Box, a luxury suite, the Lexus dugout club, where the World Series trophy’s as well as other individual Dodger awards are on display.



PressBoxView2 Press Box Views .

NancyBea'sOrgan Where our stadium organist Nancy Bea Hefley tickle’s the ivory’s. Every now and then she can come up with something clever, especially if a San Francisco Giant pitcher is being taken out and she serenades him with Do You Know The Way to San Jose …


OldVisitorsClubhouse Inside the former visiting teams clubhouse.

View_VisitorsDugout View from the visiting team dugout on the 1st base side


Daniel_dugout The little bro Daniel haming it up in the Dodger dugout…


CallingTheBullpen Making a call to the bullpen…
2013KershawCyYoung A fourth straight Cy Young should be here at season’s end for Clayton Kershaw…

GoldGloves_DreBison Gold Gloves for Dre and The Bison

Dre_88trophy Posing next to the 1988 World Series trophy. 26 years. Is this the year we end the drought ?

DanielandDre_Logo Me and the lil’ bro

Overall this was a very informative and thorough tour from our tour guide Ralph, who did a great job sharing not only information about Dodger Stadium, he also shared with us numerous historical moments and well and was very much involved with the fan experience. So if you should have a significant other ,a loved one or another dear friend or relative who is a huge baseball fan, this is a highly recommended gift. ( It is not often I use the words Highly Recommeneded )


If you get a chance, Dodgers: Brotherhood of the Game is on display at the Japanese American National Museum in Little Tokyo on 100 Central Avenue, across the street from the Little Tokyo Gold Line Station .



Other exhibits from the Japanese American National Museum …



Oh Yeah, you all know the day would not be complete without taking in the game…

sibs Chilling with the sibs and a future brother in law. With the Dodgers and Angels battling it out last night and both teams in playoff contention, the crowd certainly was electric, with our Boys In Blue coming out on top . Every baseball fan should have at least one baseball themed day of celebration for their birthday at least once in their lifetime, right ?

Series Shifts Down I-5

HAREN After splitting the first two at Chavez Ravine, the series shifts down to Angel Stadium. Dan Haren, who has been struggling, will take the mound for The Blue. With Kershaw and Greinke having gone 7 innings the last two nights, the bullpen should be well rested and could be needed for another long stretch. The Dodgers currently hold a 2.5 game lead on the Giants in the NL West while the Halos are currently 2 back of the A’s for the AL West.


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